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Lake Plastiras is surrounded by an idyllic landscape of incomparable natural beauty that captivates the mind at first sight. The grandeur of the lake is crowned with the surrounding alpine peaks; snowcapped or green, with impetuous streams that flirt with lacy coves, narrow inlets of water between cliffs that create fjord-like scenes and a single luscious green islet in the middle create a mind-blowing landscape which is mirrored in the emerald waters of the lake.

In the vicinity you can find a handful of villages either situated along the lakeshore or on the mountainous slopes with idyllic view of the lake comprising a scenery of cinematographic magnitude! The scenery is majestic, with the whole mountain scene, the green valley and the impressive lake making it a serene setting for outdoor adventures. You have a lot of choices of activities like riding horses, cycling across the lake or cycling in to the lake with the water cycles and much more activities.

Most of the villages, offer an idyllic view of the lake. Beside the settlement of Zigogianneika, just before reaching the dam, you can have the most staggering view of the lake from an elevated position. This famous lookout, at an elevation of 1350 meters, offers a beautiful view of the successive fjords, of the islet Niaga and of the panoramic splendor of the lake with the high mountain summits painted at the horizon’s edge.