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Greek Symposium pride

Symposium refers to the gathering and/or event that the ancient Greeks attended to socialize and drink and that is precisely what our party is all about!

Inspired by the Plato’s Symposium, a dialogue written around 380 BC on the nature of love, featuring the philosopher Socrates (469-399 BC). In this, love is implicitly between men, and in one speech of Athenian aristocrat Phaedrus says:

There can be no greater benefit for a boy than to have a love from his earliest youth, nor for a lover to have a worthy object for his affection … if then one could contrive that a state or an army should consist entirely of lovers and loved, it would be impossible for it to have a better organization… a handful of such men, fighting side by side, would defeat practically the whole world.

Banquets of like-minded friends were called symposia (in Greek symposium means ‘a drinking together’), that is, a drinking party. Men reclined on garlanded couches and served by boys and drink wine from cups.

Guests will be given the chance to mingle with one another and talk about what intrigues their interests over scrumptious delicacies and good music.

To spice it up a little, guests of Symposium will be required to be dressed in their best Ancient Greek attire. So grab your chitons and leather sandals and get ready to party the night away!